Not Corporate Wealth.

Virginians want and need representatives who will engage with and listen to everyday citizens.  Your Senator should work for you in the General Assembly, not corporations and lobbyists.  I promise to always work to find ways to build an economy in Virginia that brings opportunities and security to everyone.  

I’ll work to protect the common wealth, not corporate wealth.  To do this I need your help.  Corporations and lobbyists know I will put working families ahead of corporate profits and they will not line up to support my campaign.   If you can spare a few bucks, please click here to drop some coins in the  Act Blue jar  or send a check to:

Stan for Virginia

8005 Creighton Parkway, Suite C179

Mechanicsville, VA 23111

Many Thanks!

About Stan

Stan Scott is an Army veteran, business owner, and Hanover County resident running for Virginia’s State Senate in the 4th District.  He thinks it’s time to give 4th District voters a choice when they go to the polls and choose representation in the General Assembly.  Thanks for your support!

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Virginia faces transformative changes as we leave the 20th Century in the past.  People come here in search of economic opportunity and a beautiful place to live, work, and play.  But this brings economic and social change that we must carefully manage in ways that protect opportunity for everyone in Virginia. 

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Our Campaign

My team will run a grassroots campaign that depends on small donors and will take no corporate campaign contributions.  This means I’ll need help from everyone in the 4th District who wants a Senator willing to engage with constituents, listen, and work to improve the lives of everyone in Virginia, not just corporations.

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