It’s time to get out the vote and flip the General Assembly Blue. Thanks to everyone for supporting our campaign…now let’s close it out and win. Commonwealth, not Corporate Wealth.

Stan Scott for Virginia’s 4th
Senate District

“Virginians want and need representatives who will engage with and listen to everyday citizens. I promise to always work to find ways to build an economy in Virginia that brings opportunities and security to everyone.”  

Stan Scott

Stan’s Platform

Healthcare for All Virginians

Our state government must step in to expand the provider network and ensure universal access to care.

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Time to Invest in Education

Education is the foundation of our children supporting themselves and improving our communities.

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Gun Sense for Safety

Virginians have a right to enjoy public spaces, especially schools and churches, without fear of attack by someone with a firearm.

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More About Stan

Stan has spent his life serving his country in one way or another. Now he’s ready to bring his experience and skills to the table to work with his fellow Virginians to construct the Commonwealth of the future.

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Military Service and Progressive Values

Stan learned from his military service that we’re all in this together – that we’re most effective when operating as a healthy, well-trained, accepting, and mindful group.

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