Stan holding a The Future Is Female sign

“If we stand shoulder to shoulder fighting for this country, we should be equal in how we access the American dream.”

– Stan Scott

Twenty years in the military formed the person that Stan is today – both in focusing his life on service and also believing deeply in the equality of opportunity of all Virginians.

20 Years As a Combat Soldier

Stan spent his youth in the South as one of four sons in a poor family that found its way into the middle class through education. After attending public schools in Arkansas and Mississippi during desegregation, he accepted admission to the College of William and Mary but left school to enlist in the US Army.  He spent much of his military career in Germany and watched the Berlin Wall come down and the Cold War end from a motor pool in Schweinfurt. Later, he deployed with the First Infantry Division for peacekeeping operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, first as the Senior Operations NCO and later as a tank platoon sergeant.

After 20 years as a combat soldier, he retired from the military in 2002.


After completing his service at Fort Knox, Stan went back to school on the GI Bill and earned degrees in political science, public policy, and economics.   He then returned to Virginia for doctoral work in international relations and public policy at George Washington University. His research focused on global governance and international institutions, with specific work on peacekeeping and national reconstruction after conflict.

Stan has taught political science and public policy at the university level and presented academic papers on corporations and ethnic conflict. He has published work on the politics of climate change. Stan also studies the history of the US Constitution and Government with a focus on social and political context. He teaches Government for Piedmont Virginia Community College and has held seminars on the Electoral College.

Still Working to Defend the Constitution

Since 2007, Stan has worked in a variety of defense-related positions, first as the Executive Director of the Virginia National Defense Industrial Authority and then as a defense contractor working to help military leaders find base operations support efficiencies through partnerships.  He offers management, training, and political consulting consulting through his firm, Crux Analytics, LLC.

Stan has worked on public policy advocacy since he retired from the Army, first on specific issues as a with a grassroots and legislative affairs consulting firm and later as a paid and volunteer grassroots organizer and policy advisor.

He has now been a member of the Hanover Democratic Committee for 12 years, including seven on the Executive Committee organizing as a Precinct Chair.  He supported the campaigns of Rick Waugh, Wayne Powell, Jack Trammel, Glenn Millican, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, John Suddarth, Vangie Williams, Qasim Rashid, and Jennifer McClellan.