Environmental Protection for Our Watermen, Hunters & Fishers, and Our Future

Local environmental protection matters in a district with thousands of miles of shoreline. Local watermen depend on clean water for their livelihood, in addition to the thousands of people who just like to hunt and fish.

To realize the benefits of protecting the environment, Virginia must:
  • Require utilities regulated by the State Corporation Commission to invest in renewable energy production facilities.
  • Allow firms and individuals who own buildings, including homes, to install solar power cells and sell generated power back to the grid.
  • Immediately cease construction on natural gas pipelines in the Commonwealth and reevaluate whether we need them and how we pay for them.
  • Increase taxes on fossil fuels and use proceeds to invest in public transit.
  • Use regulatory bodies to create incentives to pollute less.
  • Limit deforestation and require two for one replacement of trees were harvested or cleared for development.
  • Establish a statewide emissions inspection system with a gradually tightening enforcement timetable.
  • Require elimination and site cleanup of all coal ash piles throughout the Commonwealth.

Climate change is real and we’re beginning to experience the effects. We must act immediately to reduce emissions that warm the atmosphere, and this means a reduction in the use of fossil fuels. Since we’ve waited so long we also have some work to do if we want to protect coastal infrastructure from sea level rise and stronger storms.