Jobs and Economic Development for the 4th District

Across the district, young people lack the education and business opportunities they need to enter the workforce, and older workers and entrepreneurs lack the connectivity needed to create virtual teams or start new businesses. The 4th District needs economic development and good jobs that fit the traditions and needs of local communities:

  • At one end of the District urban sprawl has turned Hanover County into a bedroom community for Richmond.
  • Caroline County faces the future expansion of Northern Virginia south of Fredericksburg.
  • To the east, Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula residents face different challenges.  
The General Assembly can help by:
  • Creating conditions for public and private investment in broadband internet access that connects every Virginian to the World Wide Web.  
  • Funding local government efforts to create the other infrastructure they need to support existing businesses, including bridges, roads, water systems, and electrical grids.
  • Investing in economic development grants to green businesses that protect against sea level rise or develop/deploy renewable energy technology.
  • Making sure local schools and community colleges have the resources needed to provide workforce training require by local businesses.

The best kind of economic development program simply creates the conditions that attract entrepreneurs and let them thrive. This includes good schools, transportation infrastructure, a sensible tax regime, recreational activities, and an environment free of discrimination.