I’m ready to work with anyone who wants to help make Virginia a true Commonwealth that provides every Virginian the opportunity to achieve their hopes and dreams”.

– Stan Scott
Universal Access to Healthcare

Without life-saving medications and treatment, a right to life or liberty has no meaning and pursuit of happiness becomes impossible.  As a product, health care responds poorly to market forces, and our state government must step in to expand the provider network and ensure universal access to care.

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Time to Invest in Education

We need to invest in accessible and high-quality early childhood education programs, excellent public schools, and dynamic institutions of post-secondary and higher education.

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Gun Sense for Public Safety

Every Virginian has the right to keep and bear arms, as members of the Unorganized Militia and for self-defense. Virginians also have a right to enjoy public spaces, especially schools and churches, without fear of intimidation or attack by someone with a firearm.

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Environmental Protection

Local environmental protection matters in a district with thousands of miles of shoreline. Local watermen depend on clean water for their livelihood, in addition to the thousands of people who just like to hunt and fish.

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Economic Development

Across the district, young people lack the education and business opportunities they need to enter the workforce, and older workers and entrepreneurs lack the connectivity needed to create virtual teams or start new businesses.

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Campaign Finance Reform

It’s time to end the influence of corporate money in Virginia political campaigns. It’s time to ban campaign contributions from publicly regulated utilities. It’s time for hard limits on corporate and individual contributions to political campaigns.